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Deception within the media

The mainstream media has a number of strategies that work to influence everyday propaganda. Writer Edwards Herman speaks about these very issues in his chapter Word tricks and propaganda. He focuses on the numerous techniques the media uses in their use of language order to misinform and mislead the public. The “language tricks” the media uses often work to deceive innocent civilians, by causing them to believe that the propaganda is factual and comes from a neutral and reliable source. This however is not the case and language is never neutral.  So many variable can effect what is being propagated, for example our selection of what’s being discussed or an emphasis on particular details. Our choice of words is also crucial, according to the article events and organizations can be associated to purr words (positive expressions) and snarl words (negative expressions). Groups linked to positive terminology (although in fact bad) get encouraging and optimistic responses from the public, while groups linked to terminology such as terrorist and extremist induce feelings of anger or rejection. Our society is so conditioned to respond to these terms that we often do so without any thought or consideration.

My personal favorite language manipulation is removing agency because I am certain that many of you, like me, get caught up on the shocking tragedy rather then who is to blame. This happens because of the deceiving manner in which the media propagates terrible things, take for example “more then 500,000 Indonesians are estimated to have died in a purge of leftists in 1965, the year Mr. Suharto came to power”. This example distorts the truth, removes agency and at the same time allocates blame.

So what can we do to promote change you may ask? Well the answer lies in Media activism!!!!!!!!! We need to stop being passive viewers and start being skeptical of the media and what it perches. In addition, we need to put things into perspective and keep in mind where are sources are coming from. For example, if you are listening to media coverage in the United States of America keep in mind the biases that may be imposed on you. Furthermore, we as a nation need to be active. If someone or something is being misrepresentative then speak up! It is the nation’s responsibility to tack action and confront whatever media sources is being unfair. A great example of people uniting and taking action is the women’s movement. Although significant strides have been made, things are far from perfect; women still continue to be unrepresented in the workforce and the media. As a woman I feel a personal reasonability to confront these issues on a day to day basis. In other words, being passive is serving others and myself an extreme injustice and not allowing us women to progress and be granted equal privileges. We all need to become more active because at the end of the day, who’s keeping the media in production? US! Therefore media should appeal to our likings and it will, only is we speak up.



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Reading Media Critically

Dominant world wide powers such as the USA have long standing histories of being intimating to other less powerful countries. Their reputation is not always seen in a positive light and many Americans seem dumbfounded as to why that may be. I personally feel that it is the failure of the media which has not provided the American people with accurate information; which in turn is the cause of such ignorance in the USA. I think the American people are good people and if they knew about the exploitation and oppression they have cause to other countries they would have not stood for it. The New providers such as CNN, FOX, CBC, NBC, ETC… Have not been conducting business appropriately and have failed to provide us with accurate information. While every country may be bias to their own, western countries have gone beyond preferential treatment. Their media representation on the war in Iraqi is unfair, distorted, and completely inaccurate. According the article, the medias take on the Iraqi war was a battle between “generous US army a group of primitive and insane Muslims bent on destroying all that was good in the world”.( Kincheloe 82) While this may be a bit extreme I believe their lies some truth in what was said. It portrays their actions in Iraq as being a form of kindness and compassion rather then selfishness and egoistical conduct. The American people see themselves as true heroes bringing prosperity and development to an undeveloped worlds. However, to the rest of the world they are nothing more then evil and scheming. The media has been irresponsible and insensitive in the way it has been performing over the past years.

Their insensitivity goes beyond their media coverage. I would even argue that American media in the twenty- first century is a form of colonialism. Its superficial and extravagant life styles makes others want to buy into the American life style. It gives the illusion of the American dream and a false hope for many people worldwide. It is for this reason that  Brand names such as MC Donald’s, Nike, Dior, along with T.V shows such as Americans next top model, who wants to be a millionaire and American idol have been influential globally. Other countries try to emulate the American culture making them vulnerable to identity lose much like what happened years ago with the colonialism of the Europeans. This in turn provides a vessel for American exploitation of poorer countries. Big corporations are robbing less developed countries of natural resources and abusing their human resources. For a country that’s described as “land of the free” whom has morality and positive values system, something seems to not add up. Good people and beautiful countries are being exploited, colonized, and taken advantage of and I think the American people don’t really know. The media needs to do a better job of informing its people, because the American people are good people they just don’t know any better.

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What happens when America forces their culture on others

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