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Representation of Queers in the Media

An interesting chapter I read was a chapter on queer theory in the media. Sexuality and sexual diversity is all over the media, however there still is a discrepancy between heterosexuality roles and homosexuality characters. I believe this discrepancy is evidence of the homophobia that still exists within our nation.  The same is true regarding the underrepresentation and classification of minorities groups and women’s roles within the media. Interesting the media is a reflection our societies present culture therefore these stereotypes that exist in the media exists in real life as well. In addition the portrayal of queer on the media is often stereotypical and very misleading. Gay men as often stereotyped as being feminine, dramatic, and very theatrical, whereas gay women are portrayed as being masculine, emotionless and hyper sexualized.  Stereotyping queer is very damaging to our society and as well as homosexuals who are trying to come up. Queer use the media and the character on television as roles models whom they can relate therefore stereotyping can leave them to feel alone and very different then how a “queer person” should act. It sends the wrongful message that queers should be a certain way and it categorizes sexuality which is very wrong. Sexuality is not black or white and there are lots of shapes of gray in between.  Many of us have preconceived notions of what it means to be queer which really pigeon holes the queer community.

 Although the representation of queers in the media has increased they are often very restricted in the types of genres and roles. Time and again queers characters act within the genre of crime drama or simple drama.  Furthermore the conflict is because of the character sexuality and therefore the drama is centered on that. This sends the message that being queer is associated with problems and heart ache so it’s no wonder people don’t want to come out.  Interestingly sexuality and sex is absolutely ever where in the media, however gay sex is rarely seen. This taboo topic is only seen between women and is often at the male heterosexual desire. The media belief in hetronormativity is hurtful and simple wrong. The media is such an important resource and should be used for helping the queer community instead of setting them back. In the past the media and especially the internet has been used to assist queers in coming out. It also helps them in forming identities which is crucial in the coming out processes.  The internet has been excellent in supporting the gay community; there are many websites and chat rooms that bring queer communities together.   Website like the following are great tools so someone coming out.,chatnow/Itemid,212/

The media has made some progresses and has shows like Will & Grace which is about two gay men and a women

And another popular show involving a gay character is Queer eye for a straight guy


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