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Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project

The article I choose to do my reflection on is Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project by The MacArthur Foundation. This study examines the effect technology has on youth and searches to answer two main research questions; “how are new media being integrated into youth practices and agenda?” and “how do these practice change the dynamics of youth-adult negotiations over literacy, learning and authoritative knowledge?” (John D & Catherine T, 1)

Within the last decade media was permeated the lives of our youth today changing them in countless ways. To understand why the media is meaningful in the everyday lives of youth, researches relied on interviewing and observation techniques. They found among many things, that today’s youth are driven by two fundamental genres. The first being “friend ship driven participation” and the second being “interest driven participation” (John D & Catherine T, 10) Friendship driven activities “ hanging out, messing around a geeking out” were associated with public networking like Facebook and Myspace. I myself hangout on the internet in places like Facebook because of entertainment reason and how it enables you to connect to friends. Another reason why youth enjoy the internet so much is because of interest based participation such as “ specialized activities, interests, or niche and marginalized identities” (John D & Catherine T, 11),8599,1675244,00.html

The internet a great out lit and resource for expression and forming identity. With reading chapter 39 on queer theory and the media, I come to learn how valuable the internet is for the queer community. When coming out you often experience a great deal of confused pertaining to identity and who you want to be. On the internet there are groups that help to educate people about their sexuality and are happy to include you if you feel like you identify with them. This new learning happens on a more informal level. Rather then in the class room with a teacher, youth can now log onto the internet and learn things from other peers. Learning on the internet is so amazing because it happens on your own without enforcement or authority. There has been a shift in the new and cool place to “hang out” because now it is on the internet. Absolutely everything can be found on the internet and it seems harder and harder to find things that aren’t. Food orders can be place on the internet, dating takes place on the internet and even books are now read on the internet. The internet has completely transformed our lives for the better or worse that’s up to you! This change is not limited to the internet, however the internet was what development I grow up with that why I wanting to discusses it.


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